Have you ever thought about building you own ROV ? but your not sure where to start well look no further we have a perfect solution with our plans avaliable for purchace under ROV PLANS via the paypal icon, we also have the new Hydra ROV plans and the control software for both the Arduino controller and surface control via laptop.

Any assistance you may require can be provided buy filling in the contact sheet and state the problems or querys you have, assistance with materials can be found on the links page or can contact us via skype icon, we can also custom build components for you such as Thrusters, Lights, Pressure housings or any other items you need.

Mini ROV System

The ORCA MK4 ROV consists of a basic RC based control system, 3 X Thrusters with fluid compensation, the motor controllers are capable of 50A current, onboard camera with tilt servo, optically perfect domes & 2 x LED Lights.

The topside interface with USB DVR to allow real time video captured to your laptop. All you require is a 12VDC car battery, Great little ROV unit


Underwater Lighting Units

The underwater lighting units can come in a variety of different configurations, including colour and intensity and size, the pictures below show a rebel star emmiter set at 750mA outputting 705Lm with a medium beam patern lens configuration, We have various designs and configurations, contact us for specifics.

We also offer Deepsea and ROS light retro fit Led inserts that allow you to dim the Leds as you would in normal ROV operations

Sub-Sea Camera Units

The Sub-sea cameras are fitted with high resolution colour or monochrome camera modules, Rated to 350 meters (1KM Units avaliable soon). These units are idealy suited for Aquaculture, Remote Operated Vehicles, Diver or Borehole applications. These camera and lighting units feature local craftsmanship and simple design offering a strong and reliable product, that has proven itself on the oilfield time and time again.

ROV & Special Applications Diver Lighting

These concept ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) lighting systems have been proved in the Gulf of Mexico and Africa to 400 Mtrs SWD and as you can see from this photo they produce 6500K light used in HD video applications, we also offer UV options for oil seepage inspections.

Shown on Triton XLX with bumper bar mount location.


During our development we have worked with many microcontrollers to bring a cost effective and ROV/AUV control systems that offers the following functionality; 8 x PWM channels and control function of motors Fwd & Rev, the control of servos to allow movement of aux equipment and cameras, in addition to PWM relays for On/Off switching, Utilising the Arduino Mega the options are limitless.

Software provided allows a simple and effective control of all your ROV components ideal for homebuilt or educational platforms.

Eco-Light LED Lighting Systems

During our development of our sub-sea lighting we found a growing need for domestic lighting from accent to standard fixtures, the image on the left shows the chandelier we designed for a client however if you check out the blog we have done further applications in the Eco-Lighting section.



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